The model-info program reads a CPSign model or precomputed data set and prints information about it, i.e., what version of CPSign was used to build the model and should thus be able to use it.

Usage manual

The full usage manual can be retrieved by running command:

> ./cpsign-[version]-fatjar.jar model-info

Example Usage

Here using the -v | --verbose flag to get more information than the build version of CPSign.

> ./cpsign-[version]-fatjar.jar model-info \
   --model-in /path/to/acp_model.jar \

Model Info:
CPSign build version : 0.7.7
Model name           : sdagas
Model version        : 1.0.0_2018-11-12_15:09:05.347
Model endpoint       : Ames test categorisation
Build time           : Mon Nov 12 15:09:06 CET 2018
Predictor type       : Signatures ACP Classification predictor
Observations used    : 123
Seed used            : 4885

> ./cpsign-[version]-fatjar.jar model-info \
   --model-in /path/to/acp_model.jar \
   -v \
   -rf json

   "CPSign build version": "0.7.7",
   "Model name": "sdagas",
   "Model version": "1.0.0_2018-11-12_15:09:05.347",
   "Model endpoint": "Ames test categorisation",
   "Build time": "Mon Nov 12 15:09:06 CET 2018",
   "Predictor type": "Signatures ACP Classification predictor",
   "Observations used": 123,
   "Seed used": 4885